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LiPPERT ADLINK Technology GmbH (formerly LiPPERT Embedded Computers GmbH, established as LiPPERT Automationstechnik in 1987) is one of the world’s leading suppliers for Embedded PC’s. (embedded X86 single board computers) The company is headquartered in Mannheim, Germany. Our success is based on high quality, superior reliability and the excellent support of our products.

We specialize in designing and building ultra-compact Embedded PCs, with customer applications in the areas of communications, electronic gaming, medical devices, industrial computers and multi-media technologies. LiPPERT has extensive long-term experience in design and production of high technology and high-quality Embedded PC Systems, especially for deployment into rough environments. Complete system solutions as well as custom-specific boards can be developed and manufactured within a short time frame. Our services include hardware and software design using the latest design techniques. Time-to-market is greatly reduced with our bring-up service. Long-time availability of all products is assured with respect to functionality and interfaces.

All our products are locally assembled in Germany by experienced, ISO 9001-certified contractors. Conformance to the RoHS directive goes without saying.

Worldwide distribution of the products is done through a network of distribution partners.

All current operating systems including Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE.NET and Linux are supported. LiPPERT is a registered Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Partner since 2002 and several Embedded-PC applications running under Windows® CE have been successfully developed.

We are a certified ISO 9001:2008 company and attach great importance to the quality of our products. All processes are documented and can be reproduced if necessary. Our product revision management assures the safe and stable use for customers with approval-critical applications like electronic gaming machines or medical devices.

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